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Laurel Didier

Laurel Didier has been working in b2b media and the woodworking industry for most of her career.  She has launched startup publications and events such as Closets & Organized Storage , Custom Woodworking Business and the Cabinets & Closets Conference & Expo. In the past, her roles included serving as associate publisher, director of custom media and publisher of Woodworking Network at Vance Publishing. When CCI Media purchased Woodworking Network in 2015, Didier assumed her role as publisher of Closets & Organized Storage as well as Director of Custom Media. Didier says, "Success is part luck, hard work, and the patience to listen to others."

Looking ahead to 2020

What an exciting year this has been. Business is booming, home organization is at the forefront of most consumers’ minds and their options have never been better. At Closets & Organized Storage, our mission is to keep the industry professionals up to date on the newest trends and options available to them.

How to ride the economic wave

You say see-saw, I say teeter-totter, either way, it represents today’s economy and the nation’s opinions.
One company feels our tariffs on Chinese goods is a great move, another company feels the backlash of higher prices, but most consumers vacillate between the two opinions.
We rely so heavily on Chinese goods for almost everything that putting tariffs on them does affect everyone, whether you are buying an impo