Congress enacts national furniture flammability standard

Congress passed the COVID-19 Regulatory Relief and Work from Home Safety Act, which incorporates the Safer Occupancy Furniture Flammability Act (SOFFA) supported by several industry groups including the American Home Furnishings Alliance and Business & Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association.

Woodturning a holiday nutcracker

Laguna Tools featured YouTuber and master woodturning artist Matt Jordan turning a working holiday nutcracker. The step-by-step video shows the project from start to finish and features a variety of techniques, including turning burl wood, adding cast resin features, inlays, and coloring turned parts on the lathe. The result is well worth the watch. There is no narration, so part of the fun is seeing the project take shape and guessing what Jordan is doing next. As one viewer commented, "Picking my jaw off the floor now. Absolutely stunning, Matt!"