Organized crime drives global deforestation

Every year the world loses an estimated 25 million acres (10 million hectares) of forest, according to research by Jennifer A. Devine from Texas State University. Of the main drivers of deforestation is organized crime activities, including drug trafficking.

Limelight: Buda Woodworks

Buda Woodworks was originally founded as a countertop laminate company, but has now evolved into what management calls a high-end architectural woodwork company. As the company has grown, it has invested in new technology including software from Microvellum. T. J. Harais, CEO at Buda Woodworks, said that with Microvellum, "we could now do things we never could before."

NBMDA names 2022 board of directors

CHICAGO – The North American Building Material Distribution Association (NBMDA) named its Board of Directors for 2022 at the 2021 NBMDA Annual Convention. The role of the Board is to govern, establish policy and make strategic decisions about the future of the organization. Officers: