Don't run from pine! LIGNIA transforms it into a hardwood
July 31, 2019 | 5:23 pm CDT


Woodworking Network contributor and custom woodworker Matt Buell took a few minutes at AWFS to explore a brand new modified wood product for the North American market, LIGNIA. Lisa Ayala, North American Sales Manager from LIGNIA explained the finer points of their modified pine: from the science of how it's made, to practical applications, and where to buy it.

LIGNIA takes softwood grown sustainably in temperate plantations and turns it into wood with ultimate durability, matching or exceeding the performance of tropical hardwoods, thus helping to reduce deforestation in some of the world’s tropical rainforests. This modified timber is wood made for life with all the robust advantages of wood as a construction material, and none of the age-old drawbacks such as perceptibility to fire and rotting.

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