Baby safe wood finish
September 22, 2021 | 9:30 pm CDT
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I’m a mother in search of an expert that can help me understand wood finishes. I purchase only solid wood toys and typically opt for unfinished wood products on which I seal periodically in beeswax. I’m currently hunting for a solid wood walker (not an easy task as most are plywood) finished as follows:

The oil used on this cart is a combination of: sunflower oil, natural oil ester (made by heating linseed stand oil with other vegetable oils and natural resins), lead-free dryers and isoaliphates (a neutral thinner for easy application. Free of aromatic hydrocarbons and of a quality also commonly used in food processing and cosmetics).

I’m attempting to work through this on my own, but thought I’d pose the question: how safe is this? We’re a sensitive household and have stricter standards than most. Please help!

Thank you!