Retire the “Old School”
November 22, 2021 | 4:31 pm CST

Using dated practices because they are “good enough” doesn't typically lead to growth and improvement. Today, using anything other than a round tire on a bike seems unthinkable, but at one time a round and rubber tire was unrealistic itself. Using that thought, we're poking a bit of fun at how we appear when we remain stuck in our old ways. Next on the agenda will be upgrading that bike rider's outfit!

As much as we hate to admit it, we have all found ourselves in a season where we accept comfort over growth. We become resistant to change. Sometimes to grow a business the first thing we need to is get out of our own way and try something new! Are there any business upgrades you keep overlooking for lack of time? Would that time investment now, actually save you in the long run?

Let us know in the comments and if you want a good laugh today, give the video below a watch!



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Cheneil Garrett | Sales & Marketing

Cheneil Garrett is marketing director and a content contributor for Allmoxy. Working at a tech company built for the woodworking industry, she finds passion in evaluating business and marketing practices. Doing so with the intention of passing her learned knowledge on to others, helping the cabinet and closet industries grow well into the future.