Raptor Nails & Staples will show its composite fasteners at Wood Pro Expo
November 28, 2017 | 3:16 pm CST
CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Composite Raptor Nails & Staples will be showcased at Wood Pro Expo, February 15-16 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Raptor composite staples, nails, and specialty fasteners can be cut and sanded without damaging router bits, saw blades and sanding belts, and provide complete corrosion resistance.
Raptor nails and staples are not susceptible to the corrosion and oxidation that attacks metal, so manufactured product retain ia beautiful new appearance. They can sanded and be sawed without tool damage, so users will not need to replace sanding belts, blades and router bits as often. 
Due to friction, Raptor nails and staples melt slightly upon insertion into the substrate. This creates a strong mechanical bond between the fibers of the substrate and the fastener. Raptor is among the leading exhibitors now listed at the Charlotte Wood Pro Expo, a regional show series that brings education, equipment, and supplies close to cabinetmakers and custom woodworking businesses around the country.  Raptor will be exhibiting in Booth 218. Also on the list are: 
  • Air & Water Systems, LLC 119 
  • Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers Inc. 129
  • Biesse America Inc. 122
  • C.H. Briggs 407
  • Cabinet Makers Association - CMA 133
  • Cabinet Vision, Inc. 208
  • CCF Industries 401
  • Col-Met Engineered Finishing Solutions 209
  • Costa Sanders LLC 214
  • DBS Sales - Maksiwa - Amana 211
  • DC Distributing 410
  • Hall-Erickson, Inc.
  • M.L. Campbell 202
  • Mocean First LLC 502
  • Precision Drive Systems 302
  • Putsch Panel Processing 307
  • Quis Machinery
  • Raptor Composite Fasteners 218
  • Roys Wood Products 308
  • Safety Speed  110
  • Save Edge Inc. 306
  • Smartech International LP 210
  • SurfPrep by Dixon  301
  • WPMA (Wood Products Manufacturers Association) 131
  • Würth-Bayer 102, 106, 205
Woodworking Network's Matt Buell spoke with Molly Anderson of Utility Composites about using its composite nails, which are also great for pinning pieces together for work-in-progress, since they are safe for blades, and the specialized power tools that use them. Anderson says that all of Utility's tools are made in Italy and are specifically designed for all of its staples, nails, brads, and pins. 
The Wood Pro Expo regional show for woodworking businesses brings suppliers and experts together for a localized presentation of best practices, and equipment and supply solutions, running October 19-20 at the Lancaster Host Expo and Conference Center. Wood Pro Expo is the regional show series that brings education, equipment, and supplies close to cabinetmakers and custom woodworking businesses around the country. 

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