Gluing, Laminating and Veneering

Panels from mushrooms and straw

Bio-ply panels are made from mushroom mycelium and paddy straw making them carbon-neutral and environmentally friendly, the company says. The panels are termite-resistant, fire-resistant, and spill-proof. Standard sizes are 50 mm X 50 mm and 25 mm X 25 mm, and come thicknesses of 10 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm, 18 mm, 25 mm. Available in suede and matt finishes, panel options include one-side laminated, one-side bare, both-sides laminated, or both-side balanced.

Edgebanding chemicals

ACMOS has developed a range of chemical products specifically for edgebanding applications. They are designed to prevent undesired glue residue for almost all glues and adhesives. Additionally, they can be applied either manually or with an automatic spray system. Effective on metal, wood, rubber, and plastic, they are guaranteed silicone-free and will not affect post-treatment, says ACMOS.

PUR continuous roll feed press

For the flooring industry, Ogden Group says its PUR Continuous Roll Feed press is a fast and efficient method for laminating the top veneer wear layer to the plywood substrate using PUR adhesives. The machine is a heavy-duty designed press constructed with a window-style steel frame and precision machined lineal steel beams. The system can be equipped with automatic infeed which places the random length veneer on top of the plywood.

Radial forming veneer press

The PT Veneer Forming systems, produced by RfsProtech, are used in the manufacturing of radial components for industries including window, door, and cabinets. The PT series ends the need for fixtures and forms for the pressing and laminating of veneers into half-round, arch and elliptical shapes, says Ogden Group. The elimination of the need to make forms allows for quick and easy set-up of custom parts. Systems are available with a variety of curing methods including RF, conduction heat bands and cold press.

Slant glue press

Ogden Group says its radio-frequency press (SL series) is an economical, high-quality edge gluer with the platen mounted on a 45° angle for easy loading and placement of stock within the press. The small footprint is designed to save space and perform a wide range of job sizes. Other features include pneumatic pressure on the edge of the panel to close the joints; and a 4kW RfsProtech Radio Frequency Generator to rapidly cure the glue joints.

Rice straw MDF

The world’s first rice straw MDF, Eureka Sustainable High-Performance MDF is an environmentally conscious panel alternative with limitless applications and potential, says CalPlant. Eureka MDF represents an innovative, consistent and formaldehyde-free solution to the woodworking industry, redefining what MDF can be, the company adds.

Metallic PET surface line

REHAU's new Rauvisio ferro surface line is a brushed metallic print topped with a clear PET film and UV-cured lacquer. Included in the Rauvisio ferro palette are: Aegean Anchor, which is between a stainless steel and champagne hue with a vertical brush look; Gilded Arrow, which features an oiled bronze appearance with a vertical brush; Empire Skyline, which showcases a titanium look with a slight blue hint and a vertical brush; and Metro Motion, which boasts the look of aluminum with a circular brush.

PVC edgebanding

DC Distributing offers PVC edgebanding in a wide selection of colors and patterns. Customers can also choose from a variety of widths and thicknesses. The company offers in-house custom slitting and gluing, along with same-day shipping. Veneer and metal edgebanding products are also available.

EVA hotmelt

Available from SNX Technologies, Xcel-Edge XE 190-220 is an EVA hotmelt unfilled glue for use with straight-line and contour edgebanders. The company says the new formula creates a stronger bond and offers a more consistent glue spread, and has a temperature range of 190-220C. It comes in 5-gal pails with resealable lids.