CNC Technology

How to maximize solid wood machining

Heavy-duty machining of windows, doors, stairs and other solid wood parts always requires high standards for precision and finish quality. In an environment when more and more customers want customized solid wood products, having a machining center capable of maximizing performance and productivity is essential for your growth and success.
By Cesare Magnani

How to improve CNC cutting using lead ins & ramps

Are your cuts lacking that high-quality finish you were hoping for, even though you’re using the right tools and hold-down system? If the answer is yes, then you may need to examine the way you’re plunging your tools into the material. In most cases, a vertical plunge is a perfectly fine way to start your cutting process. But sometimes, when combined with certain tools and materials, this method can cause a host of problems.

Industry 4.0: The Connected Factory - Part 3, Product

At an ever-increasing pace, technology is transforming most of our life -- at home and work. The chart above illustrates how digitization permeates every aspect of our world. At home, we control heating, lighting and the security system with our smartphones. Businesses such as Uber and Amazon are revolutionary game changers, completely changing the business landscape. The Internet of Services (IoS) and the Internet of Things (IoT) will not go around our industry; it will go right through it!
By Georg Frey and Sepp Gmeiner