40 Canadian firms crack latest FDMC 300 report
March 9, 2021 | 9:31 am CST

Global Furniture Group, with estimated 2020 sales of $1 billion, is the largest Canada-based firm included in the 2021 FDMC 300 report.

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – Global Furniture Group of Downsview, Ontario, tops all Canada-based wood products companies in the recently published 2021 FDMC 300 report.

The office furniture manufacturer ranks 15th overall in FDMC’s annual ranking of the U.S. and Canadian wood products companies by sales volume. Global Furniture generated an estimated $1 billion in 2020 sales and employs 4,500 people. Its manufacturing operations total more than 4 million square feet to produce contract and RTA furniture, seating and more for offices, hospitality, healthcare and educational institutions.

Two other Canadian companies are among the top 25 companies: Dorel Industries, No. 16, and Teknion, No. 23.

Montreal-based Dorel, which recently opted not to go private, makes residential, RTA, and juvenile furniture, plus other products at its five plants in Canada and the U.S. Dorel’s sales totaled an estimated $935 million in 2020 and employs 1,500 people.

Teknion of Toronto posted estimated sales of $500 million last year. The contract/office furniture manufacturing company operates 17 plants totaling 2.5 million square feet throughout Canada, plus in the U.S. and Malaysia.  Teknion employs 3,600 people.

Other Canadian woodworking firms earning a spot in the 2021 FDMC 300 include:

Metrie Inc., No. 35
Vancouver, British Columbia
$250 million (estimate)
1,500 employees
Metrie became North America’s largest moulding manufacturer following its late 2020 acquisition of Pacific Trim. Kent Bowie, Metrie president and CEO, was named a 2020 Wood Industry Market Leader by FDMC.

Palliser Furniture, No. 53
Winnipeg, Manitoba
$166 million
2,437 employees
After deciding to close its main factory last spring, Palliser announced it is largely exiting case goods manufacturing to focus on upholstery production.

Alexandria Moulding (U.S. Lumber), No. 54
Alexandria, Ontario
$150 million (2019 estimate)
500 employees

Artitalia Group, No. 69
Montreal, Quebec
$125 million (estimate)
500 employees

Canadel Furniture Inc., No. 77
 Louiseville, Quebec
$100 million (estimate)
600 employees

Groupe Lacasse, No. 78
Saint-Pie, Quebec
$100 million (estimate)
550 employees

Loewen Windows and Doors, No. 93
Steinbach, Manitoba
$90 million (estimate)
600 employees

Krug Inc., No. 97
Kitchener, Ontario
$80 million (estimate)
425 employees

Bestar Inc., No. 101
Lac Megantic, Quebec
$75 million (estimate)
215 employees
Bestar began 2020 by acquiring Bush Industries. Michael Evans, president and CEO of Bestar-Bush was named a 2020 Wood Industry Market Leader by FDMC.

Groupe Cabico, No. 104
Coaticook, Quebec
$75 million (estimate)
600 employees

Elran Furniture Ltd., No. 113
Pointe-Claire, Quebec
$70 million (estimate)
500 employees

Decor Cabinets Ltd., No. 120
Morden, Manitoba
$62 million
500 employees
The Wood Manufacturing Council (WMC) presented Stan Pauls, owner and CEO of Décor Cabinets of Morden, Manitoba, with its 2020 HR Award of Distinction.

Inscape Furniture, No. 122
Holland Landing, Ontario
$60 million
400 employees

Armoires Fabritec Ltee, No. 131
Bromont, Quebec
$50 million (estimate)
350 employees

Artopex, No. 132
Granby, Quebec
$50 million (estimate)
500 employees

Elias Woodwork & Manufacturing Ltd., No. 137
Winkler, Manitoba
$50 million
390 employees

Foliot Furniture, No. 140
Saint-Jerome, Quebec
$50 million (estimate)
400 employees
Canadian private equity firm Novacap acquired a majority stake in Foliot Furniture, in late 2019.

Frendel Kitchens Ltd., No. 141
Mississauga, Ontario
$50 million (estimate)
150 employees

Superior Cabinets, No. 152
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
$42.5 million
250 employees

AyA Kitchens and Baths, No. 153
Mississauga, Ontario
$40 million (estimate)
330 employees

BDM + Furniture Inc., No. 154
Maskinonge, Quebec
$40 million (2019)
570 employees

Nightingale Corp., No, 159
Mississauga, Ontario
$40 million (estimate)
200 employees

Stylus Made-To-Order Sofas, No. 170
Burnaby, British Columbia
$35 million (estimate)
225 employees

Cuisine Ideale Group Inc., No. 177
Sherbrooke, Quebec
$30 million (estimate)
200 employees

Durham Furniture Inc,, No. 180
Durham, Ontario
$30 million (estimate)
180 employees

Magnussen Home Furnishings Ltd., No. 185
New Hamburg, Ontario
$30 million (estimate)
100 employees

Decor-Rest Furniture, No. 198
Woodbridge, Ontario
$25 million (estimate)
350 employees

Miralis, No. 206
St. Anaclet, Quebec
$25 million (estimate)
300 employees
Daniel Drapeau, president and CEO of Miralis, shared his company’s experience of re-starting cabinet production near the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cartier Kitchens, No. 226
Brampton, Ontario
$20 million (estimate)
125 employees

Downsview Woodworking Ltd., No. 228
Mississauga, Ontario
$20 million (estimate)
200 employees

Dynamic Furniture Corp., No. 230
Calgary, Alberta
$20 million (estimate)
200 employees

Euro-Rite Cabinets Ltd., No. 231
Pitt Meadows, British Columbia
$20 million* (estimate)
130 employees

Laurysen Kitchens, No. 238
Stittsville, Ontario
$20 million
150 employees
Laurysen Kitchens celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2020.

Dutailier, No. 251
Saint-Pie, Quebec
$18 million (estimate)
150 employees

Barzotti Woodworking Ltd., No. 262
Guelph, Ontario
$15 million (estimate)
150 employees

Buhler Furniture, No. 263
Winnipeg, Manitoba
$15 million (2019 estimate)
150 employees

Concordia Furniture Ltd., No. 286
Montreal, Quebec
$10 million (estimate)
60 employees

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