Panel Processing

Panel Processing

5-axis CNC machining center

The 5-Axis EX Series from C.R. Onsrud lineup is a CNC machining center for heavy and complex linear profile extrusions in aluminum, plastic and other advanced materials.

High-speed 5-axis CNC

Thermwood's Model 90 is a heavy-duty, high-speed five-axis CNC router specifically developed for high-speed trimming and pattern machining, and is available in single or dual moving aluminum tables with a fixed gantry. This robust system offers a variety of options and features to tackle a multitude of different applications.

Versatile heavy duty CNC

Developed with the highest-quality components from Industry leaders Fanuc and HSD, the Laguna Tools Smartshop 3 was designed for customers demanding high throughput and productivity. The heavy-duty fixed table design saves valuable floor space while allowing for a high rate of material removal and sheet processing under continuous duty conditions. With the optional 16HP 4-bearing spindle, the Smartshop 3 can machine ferrous metals making it even more versatile.

All-in-one machining center

The Koch Centronic is designed to be the ultimate all-in-one machining center. It can handle 6-sided horizontal and vertical drilling operations. It can be equipped with shaping, doweling and grooving units. It’s designed to be highly flexible and perfect for batch size one production. With the NC controlled gripper, workpieces are processed continuously. It is effective for small, narrow to large parts.

Flexible single-side edgebander

Biesse says its Stream A Smart automatic single-sided edgebander's flexible configurations help users adapt to any machining needs. Users can add Biesse's new TM PUR Melting System for invisible joints, or the Air Force System which reduces energy consumption while producing a durable, high-quality finish, the company adds.

Nested-based CNC router

Biesse’s Rover K is a CNC nested-based cell designed for small to large manufacturers who need to automate their production process as well as companies that specialize in custom-made products. The company says the Rover K is a versatile machine with a flexible worktable that can quickly pass from solid wood manufacturing to panel processing. It can be used for manufacturing doors, architectural millwork and panel processing.

PVC edgebanding

DC Distributing offers PVC edgebanding in a wide selection of colors and patterns. Customers can also choose from a variety of widths and thicknesses. The company offers in-house custom slitting and gluing, along with same-day shipping. Veneer and metal edgebanding products are also available.

Sliding table saws

In 2006 Martin presented the first sliding table saw worldwide with a saw blade that could be tilted to both sides. In March 2010, the company says it set new industry standards in terms of performance and flexibility with the T75 PreX. Today Martin has more than 1,700 machines with 2x46° technology have been sold.

Smart vertical panel saw

The EF5 Panel Saw from Safety Speed is designed to be the smartest and safest vertical panel saw in its price range on the market, featuring a brushless controlled motor. The EF5 Vertical Panel Saw enters the market featuring a servo motor and as a continuous usage machine is capable of cutting  up to eight hours daily.  If an operator uses their EF5 machine inappropriately or the machine needs routine maintenance, the motor will shut down and display an error message on the keypad.