Plant Production

Part kitting and tracking integrated with ERP

SmartPART from TradeSoft Inc. is a comprehensive system for kitting parts, assembling sub-assemblies and products, tracking part and product status, staging products and loose items for shipment, and tracking damaged parts. SmartPART is integrated with the company’s ERP software, ShopPAK. The company says SmartPART eliminates manual part sorting, greatly increasing efficiency and reducing part handling.  Tracking damaged parts and re-printing part labels expedites re-work and reduces bottlenecks. In addition, SmartPart works with Microvellum and CabinetVision part data. 

Software for absence or presence of workers

The Presence Software Suite from Northern Apex Corp. features several modules, including the EvacSafe for mustering; Task Track for labor, time, and attendance tracking; and ID-Locate for disaster relief. The personnel tracking and locating enterprise platform solution suite is turn-key, but can be tailored to meet the requirements of the end-user. The EvacSafe function tracks the number of workers who have arrived at a pre-determined mustering point and identifies missing employees or facility visitors in seconds. The Task Track Software for Labor, Time and Attendance Tracking captures data at a workstation or a defined area.

Powered stacker with ergonomic design

The PowerStak from Presto ECOA is equipped with a powered drive that allows palletized loads to be moved over long distances by any operator regardless of size or physical strength. It features a compact design, low overall weight, and quiet operation, the company says, which allow the PowerStak to fit into a variety of work environments. Six models are available in fork-over configurations for use with open bottom pallets or with adjustable straddle bases for use with any style pallet including closed bottom. All models have a 2,200 lb. capacity at a 24 in. load center. Available lifting heights are 62 in., 101 in., 125 in. and 150 in. Most models are available for shipment with one week. All models feature an ergonomically designed control handle that puts all functions including lift, lower, forward and reverse within easy reach for operator comfort and convenience, the company says.

Mid-speed shredder

The Mid-Speed Shredder from West Salem Machinery (WSM) delivers more shredding power with its solid steel, high inertia rotor and energy efficient electric drive, the company says.

Moulder extension tables

Williams & Hussey offers 2-, 4-, 6- and 8-foot extension tables for moulders. The tables can be joined with the company's redesigned moulder stand for a stable workspace, enabling users to produce high-quality mouldings from a variety of millable materials.

Flow track system for drying

Green-Fast-Cure says its Easy Flow System creates customized pathways within your facility's floor plan to reduce handling products that are ready for the drying process. The Easy Flow System’s chain loops itself, which provides maximum flexibility and seamlessly fits into your existing flow, the company says. It can create flexible paths with a standard 60-inch curving radius or straight runs.

Enhanced clean air solutions

Dynabrade offers an enhanced line of Raptor Vac portable vacuum systems and downdraft tables. Designed to aggressively capture dust and debris for a cleaner, safer workplace, these vacuums can be used in a wide variety of industries, including woodworking, fiberglass fabrication, machine shops, and auto body work. 

SmartPART tracks parts

TradeSoft, Inc. is currently beta testing a new product called SmartPART.  Available for general release Oct. 1, 2021, SmartPART is a comprehensive system for kitting parts, assembling sub-assemblies and products, tracking part and product status, staging products and loose shipping items for shipment, and tracking damaged parts. The first release works with Microvellum and CabinetVision part data.