Made-to-order profile tools

Wood-Cutters Tooling offers a full range of made-to-order cutting tools for almost any application. Products include made-to-order profile router bits, shaper cutters, and moulding tools. The company can provide carbide tipped, carbide insert, or PCD tools, depending on your application.

Woodcutters profile tools

About Wood-Cutters Tooling Inc.

Wood-Cutters Tooling manufactures and distributes high-quality cutting tools to machine wood, plastics, metal, and composite materials. Our products include: Router Bits, Carbide Tipped & Insert tools, Saw blades, Drilling & Boring Bits, Moulder Knives & Cutterheads, Diamond Tooling. We also offer a wide range of measuring instruments to verify & confirm part dimensions including: length, width, hole location, panel squareness, and also instruments that verify tool length & diameter for CNC Machining operations. Our service and sharpening capabilities cover HSS, Carbide Tipped, and Diamond Tooling. We can repair and/or sharpen most any tool from any manufacturer.