Laminating & profile wrapping adhesives & technology
January 26, 2021 | 2:24 pm CST

WPR-TAKA offers complete solutions for laminating and profile wrapping, producing both high performing hotmelt PUR adhesive and high performing profile- and panel-wrapping machines. Vertically integrated, WPR-TAKA also produces its own raw material for the production of the hotmelt PUR, which the company says guarantees total control of the quality of each batch, along with a zero risk of raw material shortage during critical times. WPR-TAKA's hotmelt PUR adhesives are for use in a variety of applications, including: profile wrapping with traditional and rigid foils like CPL; panel lamination when glossy and high-quality surfaces are required; lamination with rigid foils, high working speed and difficult geometries; slot nozzle and roll coater applicators; Micro Emission (ME); and edgebanding.