Moulding sander for cabinet & furniture plants

Timesavers says its newly designed MS Series moulding sanders were engineered and designed with cabinet and furniture plants in mind. Available in 2 to 7 head configurations, the economic sanding/denibbing machine is capable of handling mouldings as short as 17 inches, and from 1/8 to 12 inches wide. Every head on the MS Series moulding sander is adjustable to match any profile, with an optional HMI/PLC control available. This machine requires minimal set-up time when changing from one profile to another due to the flexible strip abrasives design. With an optional set of sealer sanding loadings, the machine can change from a white wood sander into a sealer sander in just a few minutes.


About Timesavers LLC

Timesavers is a manufacturer of widebelt sanders, veneer sanders, veneer polishers, crossbelt polishers, planer/sanders, feed through orbitals, de-nibbing machines, rotary brush surface conditioning machines and custom or semi-custome equipment for the woodworking industry.