CO2 laser

Laguna's PL 12/20 CO2 laser features automatic focusing along with an automatically adjustable working table to fit odd-shaped stock, a rotary attachment, and different types of mounts like a bead bed. The lifting height can reach 12”. The laser utilizes RECI laser tubes and the HG series linear rails provide for high load capacity and rigidity.

Laguna Tools laser

About Laguna Tools

Laguna Tools was founded in 1983 by Torben Helshoj who saw an opportunity to bring high-quality European woodworking machinery to the US. The first tools to be introduced were combination machines and soon lead to Laguna Tools’ most iconic machine, the Italian Bandsaw. Over the years we built an extensive line of woodworking machinery before moving forward with development of our own CNC Automation.

We launched our line of CNC Machines with the SmartShop and soon followed it up with the Swift and IQ machines. After innovating on the CNC Router end, we came out with even more advanced machinery such as CO2 Lasers and Plasma Cutters. Now we have a wider range of machinery available than ever before, all to help our customers achieve their goals to improve the way they do business.