Sanding and Finishing

Reciprocating sprayer

Available from Cefla, the Prima reciprocating spray machine can easily be integrated into an existing production line. Easy to use, it works in either ambient-air or pressurized environments and minimizes dependence on scarce labor, the company says. The system also enables companies to minimize paint consumption and change colors on the fly.

High-performance sanders

Weber Models KSF and KSL are two to three shift per day machines that can provide up to 8 stations arranged to meet your needs, says Hans Weber. Their modular construction also allows for reconfiguration of the sanding stations at a later date. Sanding belt length is 103 inches and the machines also feature a calibrating roller drive up to 37 kW. The patented CBF provides a smooth, even surface and no chatter marks, the company adds. Used for solid wood sanding, veneer sanding and lacquer sanding, the KSF can also be combined into sanding machine lines with bottom sanding versions.

Virtually dust-free sanding disc

3M says its Xtract Cubitron II 710W Net Abrasive Disc provides twice the life and cut rate, while removing up to 97% of dust particles as it sands metal, wood and composite surfaces. Features include a specially designed mesh that extracts dust at every location on the pad; less dust on the substrate also helps deliver a more consistent finish.

Sanders for solid wood, veneer, lacquer sanding & texturing

Available in standard and compact models from Hans Weber, the KSN can be equipped with up to four stations. Cutting speeds meet the requirements of lacquer finishing; oscillation control is available as a self-learning version that automatically centers and controls the sanding belts. Included is a calibrating roller drive, segmented platen, plus Weber “i-Touch” screen control and auto setup.

Spray gun with material-specific air caps

Graco says its PerformAA is the only air-assist spray gun with material-specific air caps: Wood Lacquer (WL) for applying lacquer and topcoats; Low Viscosity (LV) to evenly disperse stains, sealants and toners; and General Finishing (GF), to atomize enamels and paints at low pressures. The PerformaAA is ideal for use in finishing cabinets, flooring, furniture or trim, the company adds.

20-minute, one-coat UV finishing

DVUV offers UV powder coating, a one-coat single-step process for finishing MDF that takes only 20 minutes from start to finish. The company says the UV-cured powder coating for MDF flows smoothly around curves, corners, edges and cutouts. DVUV offers a broad color palette with custom color matching and an all-new antimicrobial additive available.

Flow track system for drying

Green-Fast-Cure says its Easy Flow System creates customized pathways within your facility's floor plan to reduce handling products that are ready for the drying process. The Easy Flow System’s chain loops itself, which provides maximum flexibility and seamlessly fits into your existing flow, the company says. It can create flexible paths with a standard 60-inch curving radius or straight runs.

Entry-level spray system

Venjakob says its Ven Spray One offers an entry-level alternative to hand-held spraying. It features a large, user-friendly touch screen control and an integrated control cabinet. Recipes/programs can be stored in the system control and called up quickly and easily for reproducibility and quality control. The machine has a paper belt transport for easy cleaning.

One-arm reciprocating sprayer

Available from Cefla, the Prima one-arm reciprocating spray machine is equipped with a quick-change rotary valve that allows for fast color changes, small batches, with little to no downtime. The pressurization feature further improves the machine’s performance and allows shops of any size to set themselves up for future growth, Cefla adds. As production levels increase, the machine can be set in line with other sequential technologies, such as drying.