Workspace considerations for a CNC

Getting your space ready before the tool is delivered often helps you get up and running with the CNC quicker, which means you can start using it sooner.

ShopBot marks Manufacturing Day with North Carolina MEP

ShopBot, in association with the North Carolina MEP, will be hosting a Manufacturing Day 2020 virtual event on Friday, October 2 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. EDT. Join them on MFG Day for an inside look at ShopBot. Learn about how the company was developed, directly from founder Ted Hall. Then get an inside look at the way their CNC tools are built, how they have put lean manufacturing principles to work, and how they are working on innovating their tools.

ShopBot grows its small CNC a bit with Desktop MAX

ShopBot Tools launched the ShopBot Desktop MAX, a larger sized version of its Desktop-series CNC. Previewed during the summer and shown at AWFS 2015, the Desktop MAX features a 24" x 36" work bed, twice the size of the sister ShopBot Desktop model, and accommodating bigger workpieces, like guitar necks. The Desktop MAX sells for $9,090.