KCD Software expedites nesting of custom cabinet and closet parts
September 30, 2021 | 1:59 pm CDT
KCD Software for cabinets and closets

MANHEIM, Lancaster County, Pa. – KCD Software offers software for designing and manufacturing custom cabinets and closets. 

KCD’s Sofware’s design to CNC capabilities include:
KCD Software Cabinet/Closet Designer allows the user to create custom designs for frame or frameless cabinets for kitchens or closets. The design captures all of the important information needed for the manufacturing process. 

The relevant information of the design directly calculates part sizes parametrically. When details in the design are changed, the corresponding part sizes change accordingly without having to made modifications on the manufacturing end.

KCD Software Cabinet/Closet Workshop brings finished design details to the shop floor for manufacturing the required parts. Once the design is created with KCD Software and approved by the customer, a custom parts list is run. This parts list is set up to the user’s manufacturing specifications and contains construction details, such as the company’s preference for attaching cabinet bottoms or tops to the sides. The software instantly calculates part size use information from the design along with how the company fastens its parts together to determine the answer. “The great news is when you tell KCD Software how you build, the program will never forget,” the company says.

KCD Software Cabinet/Closet CNC Commander provides custom design to manufacturing with one-button machining.

Features include:

  • CNC Commander produces nested G-code files instructing a CNC machine how to cut parts using the individual company’s construction details including shelf holes, drawer slide holes, hinge holes, and more.
  • CNC One Button Manufacturing -- KCD Software will produce nested part files making it easy to set up and run parts production on a CNC machine. The CNC Commander also includes the CNC Manager and the Part Editor.
  • CNC Manager allows multiple jobs to be run together, along with individual parts and replacement parts. The more parts that are included in the nest, the better the yield. The software also helps control which pieces rotate and which ones do not. 

CNC Part Viewer and Editor show all the details where the machine will cut, drill and rout each part. The CNC part editor allows the user to change any part details for one-off custom situations such as adding cut-outs for an electrical outlet, moving or removing holes, or changing the shape of the part.

Learn more or request a demonstration at kcdsoftware.com.


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