robotics in woodworking

Robotic technology installed at Cefla's USA Lab

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina -- Cefla North America, a supplier of surface enhancement technologies in the USA and Canada, has installed an advanced robotic spray machine in its finishing laboratory. The robotic technology is known as the iBotic. 

VIDEO: Are CoBots the future of the small shop?

Jonathan Katz-Moses, a Youtube influencer, home-shop woodworker, and inventor of a magnetic dovetail jig, tours a robotics factory to answer his question, "Are CoBots" the FUTURE of the Small Shop." He spent a week "playing" with the robotics at ATI Industrial Automation to examine these robots close up and make his own decision. Watch the video below and determine if the collaborative robots are the next "CNC" type of equipment that will be found in wood shops of the future.