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VIDEO: Constructing mass timber a layer at a time

Mass Timber Construction is a sustainable way to build taller and larger buildings from wood. This video shows examples of careers in the mass timber industry which includes mass timber engineering, manufacturing and construction

Woodworking Industry News

Tallhouse mass timber building is designed to reduce carbon emissions

A new building design using CLT is designed to provide housing while reducing carbon emissions. In a move intended to bring down CO2 emissions while streamlining the construction of cost-effective urban housing, Generate, an AEC technology company, assembled a coalition of industry leaders to develop the Tallhouse, an adaptable catalog of integrated design systems for carbon-conscious, high-density urban housing, focused on the structural use of mass timber.

Canadian News

Element5 developing Ontario’s first CLT plant for $50M

ST. THOMAS, Ontario – Element5 plans to construct Ontario’s first cross laminated timber (CLT) plant in St. Thomas. The operation is scheduled to open in December 2020. The company said the new 125,000-square-foot facility “will house a technologically advanced, fully automated CLT and glulam production line,” capable of producing up to 45,000 cubic meters of CLT and glulam annually. Element5 said the operation will employ 50 full-time staff while creating an additional 240 new jobs in related manufacturing, sawmill, transportation and logging sectors.