CNC Toolholders

T-Tool offers a “SuperSpeed” line of specially developed 5-axis CNC toolholders in extended length format. Utilizing the patented Zeta internal collet nut system, these toolholders are available in HSK-63F, 63E and 63A tapers for use with ER16, ER32, and SYOZ25 collet sizes. Balanced up to 50,000 rpm at G2.5, the toolholders provide maximum tool reach and low TIR, T-Tool says.

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About T-Tool USA, LLC

T-Tool is a renowned leader in the manufacturing and supply of high quality tool-holding systems and accessories for various CNC applications for wood working, stone & marble, glass, plastics, and metal working industries. Our high precision products are unsurpassed even in the highest levels of the machine tool industry. We offer German quality at affordable prices. T-Tool continuously improves and designs new products to improve performance. We listen to our customers and build upon our dealer network to penetrate the market. Let us know how we can be of help with your tooling needs.