ShellacFinishes Offers Combination Pore Filler and Wood Sealer
October 3, 2014 | 5:46 pm CDT

ShellacFinishes Offers Combination Pore Filler and Wood SealerSAN DIEGO, CA – ShellacFinishes is proud to announce Seal-Lac : a “ready to go” combination pore filler and wood sealer.

For any finish to prove its merit, a proper foundation is imperative. Traditionally, this foundation is created through a tedious two-step process: First, wood pores are packed with a finely-ground inert material to create a smooth and stable surface. Then a sealer is carefully applied on which the final finish can rest.

New Seal-Lac creates this foundation in a single step, using a proprietary formulation that fills in pores of open-grained wood while simultaneously sealing it.

Due to its well-balanced composition of solids, shellac, and other natural resins, Seal-Lac not only fills the pores of open-grained wood, but penetrates and seals the wood, while preventing excessive absorption of the final finish, improving finish adhesion, and reducing grain raising. It works so well it can be even be used on pine knots prior to painting. The result is an impressive one-step combination pore filler and sealer. It can also be used ahead of finishes like Polyurethane, Lacquer, or Urethane.

Easily applied using a brush, pad, or spray equipment, Seal-Lac is a thermoplastic polymer with the ability to fuse with any solvent-based finish. Though some believe that a synthetic finish can double as a suitable sealer if thinned with an appropriate solvent, most synthetic finishes are in fact thermoset polymers and hence do not create a strong and continuous bond with the final finish when used in this off-label way.

“We did it again!” exclaims owner Vijay Velji, his eyes twinkling with delight. Seal-Lac is manufactured using our fresh shellac that is harvested and refined in India. Our shellac is guaranteed for freshness since we bring shellac direct from the forest to your doorstep. I am proud that ShellacFinishes is once again filling a void in the wood coatings industry by introducing a one-step solution that turns finish preparation into a simple activity.” 

Seal-Lac can be used as a sealer for any indoor furniture including arts and craft projects, musical instruments, and flooring. It is derived from Dewaxed Super Blond shellac and does not add any color to the final finish.

Seal-Lac is available for purchase through the company website: Whole sale inquiries are welcome.

About ShellacFinishes:

ShellacFinishes was established in November 2006 by longtime San Diego resident and woodworker Vijay Velji. A well-known furniture maker, French Polisher, and teacher, Vijay was frustrated with the inconsistent performance and quality of shellac purchased from local vendors. Vijay took matters into his own hands and travelled halfway around the world, in search of shellac that was guaranteed fresh.

Over time, he established business and personal relationships with harvesters and manufacturers positioned to supply fresh shellac, and launched his company. Because of the tight relationships he formed early on, ShellacFinishes knows the actual date of harvest and is the only shellac vendor to put a freshness date and guarantee on every package sold.

As a passionate woodworker and frequent user of shellac, Vijay remains in tune with customer needs. Shortly after starting ShellacFinishes, he noticed that some customers often used shellac as a sealer after pore filling.

Vijay decided to do some research on developing a combination sealer and pore filler. After some years of R&D ShellacFinishes introduced an innovative product: Seal-Lac, a combination pore filler and sealer that cuts pre-finish preparation from two steps to one while creating a robust foundation for the final finish. Seal-Lac is perfect as a foundation for any type of finish.

ShellacFinishes and its founder Vijay Velji are pleased to offer products which empower Indian farmers with sustainable economic alternatives to deforestation of their lands for agricultural and industrial use. They are dedicated to helping preserve these precious natural resources.

Source: ShellacFinishes

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