Latest Accu-Router Conveyor, 400 Panels/Shift!
August 15, 2011 | 3:40 pm CDT

Morrison, TN -- Accu-Router, Inc. is pleased to announce a new automated conveyor system (ACS) design that features fast powered conveyor rolls for smooth and efficient panel motion within the cell.  Why consider an ACS for your panel production – how about DOUBLE your normal production rate with one cell operator?  Accu-Router is the only CNC router manufacturer to fully integrate ACS technology with the host CNC control, so functionality and accountability are desired, known factors.


This ACS technology has been brought in-house at Accu-Router with our own design platforms and assembly thereof.  This allows Accu-Router to “spec in” the productivity advantages and also realize a considerable cost benefit.  The end result is ACS technology priced at $100,000 or less which becomes very easy to cost justify.  Less cell labor and double cell output means extremely fast cost justification.


Not convinced?  Consider coming to Accu-Router’s middle Tennessee plant for a personal demonstration cutting your parts.  We are in the “proving business” and welcome each opportunity to do so.  We also heartily recommend competitive cutting tests.  If you were purchasing a new car, a test drive is almost mandatory.  The purchase of a CNC router commands much more. 


Accu-Router’s ACS technology means the cell operator is required to manually unload cut parts and offal.  That is all.  Panel stack motion is automatic onto the High Velocity machine table, off the machine table to the unloading area, under a rotary powered brush clean-off station to clean the bleeder/carrier panel, and over to the queuing area for stack reloading, which is also automatic.  Most of the ACS work is done while the Accu-Router is doing world class machining.  There is less than a 30 seconds between cycles.  ACS technology does not require breaks, does not get sick, and is available for 7/24 multiple shift operation.  There is built-in ladder architecture to help assure safe cell operation. 


Accu-Router views ACS technology as the single biggest productivity jump with CNC routers in years.  Imagine doubling your machining output with less labor – almost like offshoring without doing it.   For more information, please call or write today to:


Accu-Router, Inc.






About Accu-Router

Located in middle Tennessee since 1982, Accu-Router designs, builds and services a full line of 3- and 5-axis CNC routing equipment (Computer Numeric Control) for industries such as furniture, boating, aerospace, and plywood processing.  Originally part of Powermatic, the technology has prospered under standalone management since 1992, including: 1) exclusive proprietary liquid-chilled spindle technology, built and serviced in an in-house clean room environment; 2) aggressive strides in product development, including fully-integrated perimeter guarding and compact material handling systems; 3) extensive educational and research partnerships with area institutions; and 4) ongoing complimentary lifetime training and support.  Most recently Accu-Router has launched its Green CNC program, featuring new motion technology on reclaimed structural platforms, passing $50k+ in material savings back to the new owner.  For more information about Accu-Router CNC technology, contact them M – F 8 AM – 5 PM CST at 931-668-7127,

634 Mtn View Industrial Drive, Morrison, TN37357
; or e-mail at

Source:  Accu-Router, Inc. 

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